The Selection Process

1 Stage 1 (6 months)

The Outreach is a constant process and applications from interested Start –Ups are received on a continuous basis. Batch with 10 new Start Ups is chosen every 6 months, from the applicants after detailed evaluation. Each Start Ups is given a basic program structure along with an agreed upon milestone to be achieved. The milestone varies for each Start Ups and is specific to their current state. At the end of the period, a panel evaluates the batch and selects those that achieve the milestones agreed. The Start Ups who perform well are selected for the next stage.

2 Stage 2 (6 months)

An intense Incubation Course is designed for each of these Start Ups in which a dedicated Mentor from the Ambuja Neotia Businesses is assigned to the Start Ups so that the Product gets suitably developed and vetted.The chosen Start Ups get funding against equity. The teams will again work for a target milestone that has been mutually agreed upon. It is expected that at the end of this Stage the Start Ups company will have a product which is tested and vetted by Ambuja and can now take the product to other customers with our validation and support. Network with Corporates, Investors, Mentors, Experts will be arranged regularly.

Start Ups who are not selected to the next Stage will remain in the Incubator and get one more chance to clear the Stage after 3 months along with other Start Ups. Startups who cannot move to the next stage even after 6 months will make way for new Start Ups


We are listening. Pitch your unique concept and be a part of the structured customised Incubator Program of 12 months. We believe that development is a process and it cannot be achieved alone. We want to work with you and co-evolve a successful business venture. Your idea needs to be: INNOVATIVE, DISRUPTIVE & SCALABLE. It is our responsibility to convert it into a sustainable business venture. So if you are working in either of the domains of Realty, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Sports or Entertainment and if your idea is minimum at Prototype Stage and you are working on it with your other co-founders, on a full-time basis and if the idea is technology enabled - then please apply to

The Ambuja Neotia Brand is a well respected and a reputed brand in all the domains it represents. We believe that we are at a tipping point of a unique opportunity in which we can tap the bright and innovative ideas of Start Ups and make a sustainable and significant change in the Ecosystem for the better future of our self our families, our cities and country. More Details

with top class infra
BY TOP industry EXPERTs

Our Mentor panel has top Industry Experts and Corporate Leaders. The Mentorship needs will be analysed by our expert team for each Start Ups and the same provided - be it Technical, Generic or Basic. There will be customised course available from I.I.M Kolkata and T-Hub, Hyderabad and Facilitation from Start Ups India /Invest India for all matter related to policy, process and programs available to Start Ups from the Govt. Of India. We also have technology tie-up with Govt.of Israel and our Incubates will form partnerships with Start Ups in similar Incubators in Israel, as and when required. Business mentorship will be provided by our own domain champions of existing businesses.

Once the Start Ups join our Incubator, we agree on key milestones and the performance is discussed monthly. Those Start Ups who reach the agreed milestones of the first period of either 3 months or 6 months - are eligible for funding. The funding needs are assessed and we will be responsible for arranging these from our own resources as well as from Angel Investors and from our known network. The Start Ups will have regular interface with Angel investors and will have access to our network of investors who will train them on how best to pitch their idea for funding. Participation in the Incubator from TiE and all known Angel Networks of the Ecosystem will be a regular feature.

as first Customer

Access to the Market is a key factor for the success of any Start Ups . This access leads to understanding of the customer's needs and the Start Ups is required to necessarily make various changes in the basic concept and tweak the product features and improve the technology so that the final product meets the customer expectations. This access is very difficult and expensive for the Start Ups to get. We provide all our existing business as TEST BED area where Start Ups can take these ideas and meet the customers and develop the product as per customer expectations. At the end of the Incubation period, we want each Start Ups to have a product which has been tested by any of our business. With this validation the Start Ups can now go to the market and aggressively market the product.

The main reason why Start Ups cannot scale up is TECHNOLOGY. We provide technology mentorship and partnership with a specific purpose and that is - to facilitate scale up Our technology Mentors ensure that your technology selection is the best and it can be modified as required to generate required scale up. The Technology tie-up that we have with Israel - will greatly help the Start Ups in having access to the world's latest and best technology.

With The Right Resources

About Us

Ambuja Neotia is one of the most prominent and respected Corporate houses headquartered in Kolkata with its forte in Real Estate, Hospitality, Healthcare and Education and recent forays into Sports and Entertainment.

The company, under the stewardship of Mr. HarshavardhanNeotia has been responsible for various landmark projects.The Group has several ongoing projects in Eastern India as well as other parts of the country and is continuing to live by its maxim of making a difference to the way people live.



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